Notable Articles

New York Times
"Like an onion you peel the layers back and there's more and more to it: movements are more fluid, posture is better, energy is flowing, breathing is more efficient with movement, As your awareness deepens, you're distracted by less and less."

Yahoo! News
February 7, 2011
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New York Times
"The face of exercise is changing in America. Instead of relentlessly pursuing a sculptured physique, people are chasing longevity, stress reduction and improved health through mind-body practices like qigong."

New York Times
April 5, 2007
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Books and Recommended Websites

Realizing the full benefits of a qigong practice requires ever-deepening levels of awareness, patience, and self-compassion. The resources on this page may offer guidance and insight to you on your journey.


Kuan Yin StandingChi Kung
In this beautifully illustrated book, author Yves Requena introduces us to chi kung (alt spelling of qigong), the Chinese art of mastering energy. Covers foundational principles and essential exercises.

Kuan Yin StandingThe Presence Process
"It's not about feeling better", writes author Michael Brown, "It's about getting better at feeling." Brown's 10-week presence process is a terrific companion to the dedicated qigong practitioner.


Kuan Yin StandingAlchemy of the Heart
Michael Brown's book on emotional integration gets to the heart of how real transformation happens. This book helps us to navigate the emotional changes that can accompany a qigong practice.

Kuan Yin StandingFive Elements, Six Conditions
In this "Taoist Approach to Emotional Healing, Psychology, and Internal Alchemy", Gilles Marin illuminates the basis of qigong via Chinese 5-elementy theory. Has great energy exercises and guided meditations.


Recommended Websites

International Sheng Zhen Society - main website

National Qigong Society - organization of qigong enthusaists

Sheng Zhen Products - books, video, and audio products

The Presence Portal - author Michael Brown's website

Sheng Zhen Videos - Youtube videos of Master Li doing a variety of Sheng Zhen Qigong forms