Master Li on Qigong

"The purpose of qigong" says Master Li Jun Feng, founder of Sheng Zhen Qigong," is to cultivate the exchange of energy between us and the universe." It is through this exchange that we return to our natural state of joy, peace, and oneness.

Master Li

Master Li Jun Feng is the principal instructor and head of the International Sheng Zhen Society

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Eastside Qigong
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Our Approach

The pace and pressures of modern life fragment your attention, separating you from the native intelligence of your body. Reconnecting you to your innate life energy, and the guidance, nourishment, and strength it provides, is the central focus of Eastside Qigong.

The seated and standing forms of Sheng Zhen Qigong, the principal system taught at Eastside Qigong, calm the nervous system, quiet the mind, and balance the emotions. With regular practice you will rediscover your core vitality and inner strength.

Meeting You Where You Are

Through demonstrated movements, verbal instruction and hands-on coaching, we invite you to:

  • increase body awareness and coordination
  • learn the physical movement and form
  • identify adaptive patterns that block qi flow
  • experience the movement of qi through your body
All ages and fitness levels are welcome in all of our classes. Learn more about the classes currently being offered.

The Power of Sheng Zhen

Received in meditation and manifested in physical movements, dynamic postures, and contemplations, the sacred forms of Sheng Zhen Qigong offer vibrant health at multiple levels.

Since being founded by Master Li Junfeng in 1987, The practice has been taught to thousands of people in more than 25 countries and is represented by more than 100 certified teachers.

While each is unique in style and flavor, all Sheng Zhen forms share a common purpose: to open and purify the heart. It is this cleansing process that awakens each of us to our potential evolution and enables us to see life as it is rather than as we are.


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